Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentine's Day Mani

As a fan of themed nail art I jumped at the opportunity of creating something pretty to celebrate Valentine's Day - despite not really being a big fan of the day, I got to show that I'm just a big romantic really :) 

However, freehand nail art still freaks me out but I did my very best with a few little free hand hearts <3

Read on to see what I tried, and how successful I was! 

I did a  fair bit of Googling for inspiration before trying this nail art, and I struggled with colour choices as I don't usually go anywhere near pastels and own a very limited collection of pinks! But I did my best.

My base coat was the pink from my Bourjois Paris French manicure kit, the white also came from that set, and the dark pink was a Dusky Rose from Maybelline. 

to stop the white from being too ... well, white, I used a few coats of the French manicure pink to make it more subtle. Used a striping brush for the stripes and a dotting tool/kerbie grip to make hearts out of dots which I then filled in with a small brush. 

Hope you like! 

With Flash

Without Flash

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