Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Chinese nail art

So i will begin by apologising for the mess of these nails. 

I did these nearly a year ago - about a month or so after I started experimenting with nail art -  and although I still love them and am proud of what I managed with so little experience I am slightly embarrassed by the shocking clean up job I did on them! I also had really short nails at the time compared to now! no idea how I managed to fit Chinese characters onto those stubby things ;)

Bit of backstory - in 2010 I was lucky enough to get to spend a month studying in China, just basic language, some history, Tai Chi and martial arts and some calligraphy. I was reminising and decided to bring China to me!

I began by doing a simple red and orange gradient on all my nails. I then got out my striping brush and pretended I still had calligraphy skills and etched out the Chinese symbols on my ring finger - on one hand it says 'love' and on the other hand it says 'ocean' which is the first part of my name in Chinese - "Hai". 

After seeing the result I decided I didn't want to crowd it by decorating every nail so finished with a simple cherry blossom design on my thumbs. To do that was crazy easy, just a few stripes with striping brush and a few dots with a Kerbie for the flowers.

I was really chuffed with the result, especially since this was the first nail art design I conceived myself instead of copying off Google image or blogs. I hope you like! Once again, apologies for the mess ... and the chip in the first photo...


Symbol for Love

symbol for Ocean

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