Friday, 1 February 2013

New to this ..

So this is it. My very first entry into my very first blog. Hello :) and thank you for being here! 

I hope to be able to fill this blog with the little things in life that make me happy which sometimes make me feel like a crazy person - for example, the giddy excitement I'm currently feeling on the fact that my very first bottle of China Glaze polish I ordered the other day - so I've turned to the web to find like minded crazy people who get excited about like minded things. 

I plan to dazzle you (or not) with my very beginner attempts at nail art, (which I love!!) as well as showing off swatches of my new favourite nail colours and sharing with you tips and tricks I have found in blogs and on random websites all over the interweb.

It won't all be about nails - it might just be about something new in my life that I want to share or get someone's opinion on - like BB cream .. wtf is it? 

I just want to have a little fun and share the shiny aspects of what would otherwise be a grey life with you all, hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch, comment, post your own pics and reviews etc - I'd love to hear from you! 

BH x

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