Friday, 16 August 2013

Very First Indie!

Here it is Ladies - Bathelen's very first Indie Polish! 

Can't believe I have never tried one before but there is so much choice a girl just doesn't know where to start! Anyway I decided to start off with Clear Blue Skies by Iconic Effect - Iconic Effect is a VERY local brand to me (she lives around the corner and I work with someone she knows so I received very special personal delivery - thanks Kelly!) and I found out about them through said person at work sending round a cheeky email with the Etsy site details because everyone at my work knows what I'm like with nail polish! I'm a total fan now after trying this and because I know that they make the polishes for the love of it and not for the money. If you look on their Facebook page she has some fab pics of her kids helping make the polishes - with her wee girl being my special delivery postie :) 

Clear blue skies caught my eye immediately because of it's gorgeous shimmer and I wasn't let down! It was a tad brighter than I expected so maybe don't wear it if you're not up for a BRIGHT blue (not an issue for me - love my brights!) but the silver glitters are exactly what that colour needs to even it out and catch your eye for all the right reasons! 

Application wise the first coat I found a tad streaky but it evened out very easily. Probably I would say three coats as I only used two and in the pic below you can see a bit of nail line and dark shadows. 

Anyway I am now properly in love with the idea of Indie Polishes so your recommendations would be much appreciated! 


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rise of the Phoenix .. Place

Apologies once again for the abandonment of the blog! It's been a busy month fitting into my new full time job but I have a long line of posts ready to go! 

Today's Nail of the Day is one of the Nails Inc polishes I received as part of my lucky dip bundle a few months ago and hadn't tried yet. It is a fabulous shade of hot pink which went on in an easy three coats for full opaque coverage. For these swatches I finished off with OPIs Matte Top Coat which I think really works with the bright pink! Also I think it tones down the harshness of the colour.

One thing I have to say about Nails Inc polishes is that they are seriously lacking in longevity! I had this on literally 12 hours (8 of which I was asleep for!) and I found two chips on two fingers and was SERIOUSLY unimpressed! Am I the only one who finds this? This isn't the first time this has happened to me with a Nail Inc polish and it's such a shame because they have so many lovely colours! I hear so many bloggers raving about these polishes so seriously guys - is it just me? Haha! 

Look at that chip! 

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