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If you have any questions of simply want a chat then I would love to hear from you :) either comment somewhere on this blog, you can follow me on Instagram at or you can email me at

If you follow me and want me to follow you back just leave a comment with your blog link and I'd be more than happy to check it out. Same if you're new to the blogging scene (like me!) and want to boost your followers, if you get in touch I'd be delighted to help you out :) 

I've not shared my blog with anyone that I know, so every comment and new follower is important to me as it makes me feel more included into the wide world of nail obsessions and blogging - so if you are one of my followers, or if you have enjoyed one of my posts - then THANK YOU! 

(Although I should mentioned that if anyone I know saw this blog, they would know it was me in a heartbeat. I'm so subtle.)

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