Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Barry M Princess

Hi all, today I have a Barry M textured polish for you, the pretty-in-pink Princess.

Barry M textured polishes are pretty decent, as long as you give each coat a minute or two to dry it applies very easily without being too sharp around the edges once dried. Princess had a rather gritty finish, instead of the smoother but lumpy finishes. (I know those two words together makes little sense, hopefully you know what I mean!)

Princess reminds me more of the Zoya pixie dusts as it is just so sparkly, packed full of golden glitter. It is definitely aptly named, the girly pink with gold shimmer is perfect for the little princess in all of us! It shines gold even without direct sunlight too which is always a plus. fitting with Barry M's usual standards the quality was high and the wear was long, I probably wore this a week with no problems to report. 

I did think this would be a bit of a dupe for OPI Pussy Galore, but it's a lot more special, instead of just pink with a small amount of shimmer Princess is as much gold as it is pink as I hope you can see from the pictures, and I'd definitely chose this budget option over the OPI.


Friday, 22 August 2014

Lizzie by piCture pOlish

I am so excited about this post, as I’m showcasing probably my favourite polish that I’ve worn this year.

This is the beautiful Lizzie by piCture pOlish. There are not enough pictures to capture the beauty of this polish. Based on everyone’s favourite classic heroine, Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, I was already pretty excited about this polish (call me sad but I love polish based on my favourite things) but once I applied it I fell in love.

Lizzie is a surprise holo, and with a little help from PP’s signature formula it sparkles in every light. In case you haven’t tried a piCture pOlish before (or seen me rave about how wonderful they are) they have a formula for glitter polishes which doesn’t actually contain glitter particles! This means that it applies smoothly on the nail and removes super easily. It also has the effect of making the polish look really deep, like a pool of glitter. With Lizzie, when it catches the sunlight it comes alive with all the colours of the rainbow.

The wear on this was amazing, I’ve been wearing Lizzie for nine+ days and although there is a little of understandable tip wear there has been zero chipping, I am very impressed. This is another thing that makes PP worth buying, they are a little expensive to get here in the UK, usually around £11.50 each from Sally Magpie, but when you get such a great formula which lasts well over a week I see no cause for complaint! Lizzie was a rare treat to myself and worth every penny!

Does anyone have a favourite piCture pOlish they would care to recommend for my next treat?


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

British Nail Bloggers - Purple Week

Recently the British Nail Bloggers have been running Colour Me Crazy themed weeks and this week is purple!

Fortunately for me I was already wearing a stunning purple so it was easy to add some simple purple nail art.

The base mani is the very lovely Lizzie by piCture pOlish – but more on this polish to come shortly on the blog.

For the nail art I decided to do this sort of half flower shape that I’ve seen in my hours of trawling through Google images, and I was amazed to discover that it is a lot easier than it looks! My flowers may not be as refined or elaborate as some but I did them in five minutes with very little issue, so these are a perfect way to spice up a mani as well as looking quite impressive!

I used a short, square tip nail art brush with China Glaze Jungle Queen from the On Safari collection and drew three, rough triangle-like shapes started at the edge of my nail. I then used a Barry M nail art pen in black to neaten up the edges, making them a bit more petal shaped and with the flicky tips. The white was using a Models Own nail art striper.

I will definitely be trying this technique again with different colours and maybe a load of glitter! I’d also love to see if any of you have tried it for the first time.

See below for the other British Nail Bloggers contributions to purple week :)


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