Friday, 22 August 2014

Lizzie by piCture pOlish

I am so excited about this post, as I’m showcasing probably my favourite polish that I’ve worn this year.

This is the beautiful Lizzie by piCture pOlish. There are not enough pictures to capture the beauty of this polish. Based on everyone’s favourite classic heroine, Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, I was already pretty excited about this polish (call me sad but I love polish based on my favourite things) but once I applied it I fell in love.

Lizzie is a surprise holo, and with a little help from PP’s signature formula it sparkles in every light. In case you haven’t tried a piCture pOlish before (or seen me rave about how wonderful they are) they have a formula for glitter polishes which doesn’t actually contain glitter particles! This means that it applies smoothly on the nail and removes super easily. It also has the effect of making the polish look really deep, like a pool of glitter. With Lizzie, when it catches the sunlight it comes alive with all the colours of the rainbow.

The wear on this was amazing, I’ve been wearing Lizzie for nine+ days and although there is a little of understandable tip wear there has been zero chipping, I am very impressed. This is another thing that makes PP worth buying, they are a little expensive to get here in the UK, usually around £11.50 each from Sally Magpie, but when you get such a great formula which lasts well over a week I see no cause for complaint! Lizzie was a rare treat to myself and worth every penny!

Does anyone have a favourite piCture pOlish they would care to recommend for my next treat?



  1. How fantastic is that ! I loved reading your description of it and you've captured its beauty so well! Think I'm in love with this polish now! I've wanted a PP for ages but never gone for it, they're just a little too expensive :( I guess I will treat myself to at least one though!

    1. thank you! Haha I don't think i manage to properly capture it, it looks nicer in real life - but you can't say I didn't try!
      I think they are worth it, the quality is great and they are gorgeous. xx


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