About Bathelen

A bit about Bathelen

I'm an early 20's, final year university student from Scotland. In my spare time I'm a lover of sci fi and fantasy tv shows, films and books, and I have a tendency to get too involved in fiction, such as my total devotion to all things Harry Potter and my irrational love for an old Australian drama called Sea Patrol! 
In the real world I'm still a member of my local Scouts where I've met so many amazing people over the years, including some of my best friends and the man I spend most of my time with <3

Background to the Nail Obsession

Since I was 16 I had worked part time either in a cafe or a supermarket - neither of which allow painted nails, so I just didn't bother. I wasn't great at painting my nails anyway. My first nail art experience happened when I was in China studying in 2010, where I discovered that women in the malls would give you a full manicure and create elaborate works of at on your nails for less than £10 (I paid £4 first time and £6 second time). I first of all got a neutral base with maroon and dusky pink lilies and second time around I got a clear base with brightly coloured roses dotted all over the place (which I keep meaning to replicate myself one day!). I also remember my late friend getting a bright blue base with big silver stars because she loved all things American :) 

More recently, after changing to an office job, I asked a friend to do my nails before a wedding in June 2012. I wasn't totally sold on the design but it was so exciting to have such glamorous nails again! The day after the wedding hangover I went into Superdrug and bought 2 Barry M polishes in gold and bright blue, a Rimmel polish in red and two Andrea Barton striping/dotting nail art pens in black and silver. Since then I've bought well over 50(!) nail polishes, nail effects, nail art pens and glitters, and have recently started to branch into the wider world of professional polishes, the likes of China Glaze, OPI, Orly and Zoya. It was actually China Glaze that got me into professional polishes after seeing it on a blog but my current favourite is OPI with their leading lady Suzi. 

Nail routine
My nails are very rarely bared but I do my best to take care of them. I try to leave at least a full day after removing manis to let them rest and get some air, and when they are bare I also bombard them with hand and nail moisturisers. I occasionally give them a break and use Rimmel's two week nail recovery, although I usually only do a week at a time!  As a base coat I use Essie's Nourish Me so my nails are being looked after even after layers of polish. As a top coat I finally invested in Seche Vite after finding it in Boots and I love it! I try to trim my nails before they get so long that they break, I find that this keeps them strong and if I cut them just a little bit and regularly I find that I never really have to completely nubbin them :) 

None of my friends or family know about my blog. I don't know why I haven't shown it to anyone but for now I remain alone in the world of nail art and blogging. That's why it means so much to see your encouraging comments and I get excited every time I get a new follower! 

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