Thursday, 21 February 2013

China Glaze Thataway Swatch

Now here is another China Glaze swatch and that is Thataway, a burnt shiny orange colour - you can tell I'm getting very excited about this new collection I'm building! 

I wasn't sure how this colour was going to turn out but I absolutely love it! It's bright and neon but without being TOO bright and neon, if you catch my drift.

The photos show both extremes of how the colours look, in the flash photos it looks SO bright and quite dark orange, without the flash it looks a bit peachy. Truth is, it is a perfect combination of the two, very unusual! 

With flash

Without flash
So all in all this was a surprise favourite for me, which came as part of a mix job lot I ordered off of ebay (great way to start out in the world of ChG!). More swatches of the rest of that job lot to come soon :) 



  1. Oh nice, I need the ebay link :) I don't have any China Glazes yet but eager to try them. I see you are a new blogger (like myself), I wanted to follow you but can't find the Google Friend Connect. You would probably get more followers if you'd add the link on the side of your blog. Just friendly advise, hope you don't mind :)))

  2. Yeah I had no idea how to get that but it looks like Google have stopped it? But I added the Google plus which I think is the new way of doing things =\ unless you have friendly advice on how to add it lol.

    Thanks for trying to follow lol I'll follow you too :) I'm loving China glaze and ebay is a great way to start a collection for cheap, especially random job lots.

  3. Okay ignore some of that comment, I had a rake around the site and found GFC eventually :)



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