Thursday, 21 February 2013

China Glaze Ruby Pumps Swatch

My first China Glaze!! 

Excited didn't quite cover it. I had this on  my nail within five minutes of it arriving! And it did not disappoint. 

Ruby Pumps from the revived Wizard of Ohh-Az collection has long been a favourite of mine and of nail bloggers all over the sphere so I'm very excited now to own this. 

My high expectations were not let down when I finally got to try this shade - it is beautiful! 

On first application it is a little more watery than I would of liked and even looks rather pink instead of the deep red I was hoping for - but never fear! After two or three coats the deep red and never ending glitter was there. It was so pretty I couldn't stop looking at my hands! And I got so many compliments on the colour- it's not a regular thing for my friends to notice my nails when they are nail art free so that just shows how eye catching and gorgeous this shade is! 

Wear wise I was slightly disappointed, I was expecting professional long lasting non chip etc but despite the fact that I applied it first on Saturday morning, with an extra coat before I went out Saturday night, by Monday morning the tips were chipped and by the evening half of my thumb nail had chipped off!! 

I'm hoping that this was because I used the CG Fast Forward top coat instead of a no chip long lasting top coat but either way I was so upset to have to remove this polish.

So overall - perfect colour for red and glitter lovers, lets the side down a bit by not wearing well. 
Still my favourite colour I own though. 

As for the photographs, the glitter really doesn't show with the flash so for a more true to life colour, but which still doesn't quite capture the beauty of the shimmer. 

With Flash (Apologies for messy nails - red is such a hassle to clean up!)

Without Flash - shows more of the depth of the glitter

Anyone else have a favourite CG colour? I'd love to hear about them so I can add them to my fast growing collection :) 


  1. Wow, love this one and I'm usually not a big fan of reds.

  2. Yeah I don't often wear red but couldn't resist this one!

  3. I bought this polish recently, but I think I bought into the hype more than the polish! I have too many red glitters..who am I kidding? There's never enough red glitter polishes ;) x

    1. I think it was the hype that made me buy it too - so many bloggers saying "this is my favourite red ever!" so I thought what better way to start a China Glaze collection?!

  4. Ruby Pumps was my first China Glaze, too! I LOVE it :)

    1. I thought it was the perfect way to discover a new brand :) have you got many china glaze polishes now?


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