Tuesday, 26 February 2013

China Glaze Dorothy Who? Swatch

It arrived!! Finally! 

After ordering this over a month ago I was over the moon when my bottle of Dorothy Who? eventually arrived. Another colour from the Wizard of Ooh-Az collection, this blue has been on my to-buy list for a very long time :) 

And I'm very glad to say that I was not disappointed! 

Without Flash

With flash and messy hands (hard to see without the flash!)

This blue is more gorgeous than I hoped for, so many shades of blue sparkly away :) 

Application wise this goes on as a light blue jelly but despite the thin-ness of the first coat this only really needs two or three coats to make it totally opaque. Only downside is that the edges of my nail only got one or two coats so the colour fades a bit towards the outsides, although that also gives it a bit more of an ocean effect with the slight change in tone. 

If you're not a fan of blue nail polish you might not appreciate (although I recommend you try some blue at least once!) this but this is such an eye catching colour it's like a perfect blue sky or clear blue sea :) it's nowhere near as dark as it appears on the bottle which is good as I was a little worried once it arrived.

But that's enough gushing for me, I'm sure you've realised that I'm a fan by now! But I just can't get over the shiny blue :) 

As for nail art, it almost seems a shame to ruin this shade with a pattern or another colour, but I recently got a bottle of Towel Boy Toy which I imagine would match this rather well for a simple bit of nail art - what do you guys think? 


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