Friday, 8 February 2013

Simple Pink Nail Art

These are my simple dotty nail art which I tried because I decided to experiment with dotting tools. For most of this I used a Kerbie - easiest way to do it! But other blogs suggested things like the end of a makeup brush, toothpicks etc. I usually use nail art pens which have a small dotting point but I found using a trusty hairpin was so much easier and left behind much cleaner dots :) 

The flower was a sticker that I got for free with some Rhinestones that I ordered off of Amazon - who doesn't love Freebies? This blogger certainly does.

Apologies for anyone who has visited my blog and has ran away at the complete lack of posts and photos - I'm still new and the Wi-Fi at work I usually use to upload my new photos off of my phone has crashed .. So for now I will stick to uploading photos from the past few months - although I'm really gutted I can't share the uber sparkly mani I have on today!! That will come :) 


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