Friday, 29 March 2013

Orly Miss Conduct and Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Ever since I saw a post on Horcrux Nails about this colour I knew I had to have it! And that colour is Miss Conduct from Orly's Naughty or Nice collection. I managed to snag this off ebay for £7 which isn't bad for my very first Orly polish. Here are some swatches and a bit of failed holo nail art :)

So I was so excited to try this colour but once again (to my total disappointment) I discovered that this colour didn't suit me. As you might have read in my post about OPI You Only Live Twice, I was gutted to discover that hot pinks, fuscias and magentas just do not match my skin colour! How typical that the safer pinks that many people rely on are the one shades that don't suit me? Hand me a yellow, blue or a black and I'm fine, but pinks? Maybe not. 

I found this to be similar in colour to YOLT only a little bit lighter and a WHOLE LOAD more sparkly with a touch of holo shimmer! I still adore this polish! So to make me feel better I ordered Halo from the same collection in the hope that it will be as pretty just a better colour :) 

Again, echoing my YOLT post, I added some 17 holo polish to attempt to break up the pink but I felt that I just ruined it. I wasn't feeling very creative so I just stuck on some dots and stripes but I felt it took away some of the magic of the glitter. Hopefully I'll find a good way to use this in nail art so it doesn't go to waste! I'd be interested to know what colours my readers have to avoid, I think I'm just weird in the dark pink thing but I may be wrong! 

(note: Yes, I got polish on the bottle cap. So sue me)

Moving on, after reading in several blogs about a shade nicknamed "Unicorn Pee" I had to get my manicured paws on a bottle. That shade is Fantasy Fire by Max Factor, and as it's a UK brand only available in UK shops, and I'm a UK blogger, I felt it only fitting that it joined my stash. A mini bottle is £3.99 in Boots. 

I swatched a few coats over my thumb to try it out just before I removed the pink, and I was blown away! It's a colour changing holographic fantasy, purple in the bottle but purple, pink, green and gold on the nail (and that's just in this blurred pic!) and I can so see why this is so popular with my fellow bloggers! If you haven't got this, go and get it now, it's only a wee bottle but it's a must have in any stash. I ope to do a full mani with this another time, I'm thinking it'd look fab over Man Hunt from China Glaze but I can't decide if that would be too dark or not. Thoughts?

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