Friday, 29 March 2013

Nailtopia Orly Haul and Order Review

So today I thought that I would post a review of a website I recently used - Before I start I would like to point out that the information here is my opinion and is in no way influences by the company. This is based on my own personal experience :) 

I'm doing this because as a resident of the UK, and I'm sure you British girls will agree, ordering nail polish online can be expensive and risky, with hefty delivery charges from American sites and many fake websites offering too good to be true deals online. Every time I find a new website which has decent prices that I haven't heard of I Google search them to find out if there are any complaints and often I come across a review on a blog, so I thought I would do exactly that to help out anyone looking for a decent website. 

Nailtopia sells mostly nail stickers, nail art decorations like studs etc, false nails and a selection of professional polish, such as China Glaze and Orly. They send round a newsletter on Facebook letting you know what offers they have each month. I used this site to make my first order of Orly as they had 25% off :) 

I ordered one holo polish from the Naughty or Nice collection (Halo) and two from the new Hope and Freedome Festival collection (Coachella Dweller and Melodious Utopia)

The polishes came in a box full of polystyrene peanuts, wrapped in tissue paper and in a Orly box, which I was quite pleasantly surprised by as I hadn't ordered a set from the same collection but it will be a great way to store them :) (is it weird that I get excited by a nice box?) 

Delivery wise, Nailtopia offers free delivery on any order over £10, also I placed my order on the Friday at 4pm, (according to their website they are out of office Fri-Sun) and it arrived on the Thursday, which I was more than happy about.

Price wise, for China Glaze you're around £7-£10, and Orly is £10.25 for a full sized bottle, so average prices for UK girls, maybe a bit cheaper for China Glaze on ebay where you can get for around a fiver but not bad for a retailer. Just keep an eye on those offers! FYI the 25% off Orly is still on ;) 


I don't know why this is upside down. It wasn't upside down on my phone ..

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