Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Effects

So today I have two colours to show you from the Barry M Textured collection - the mint green Ridley Road and the yellow Station Road. I hope that this is their real names as my bottle says that the Yellow is Atlantic Road which I have since found out is the baby blue ... moving on :) 

I've only just recently started on the textured nail polish and I am loving it! It's great fun and it means you can have pretty and different nails without nail art.  These colours are fab as well, so great fro Spring time (just ignore the snow and the freezing temperatures!). Ridely Road is a perfect mint green, almost like a Tiffany's green, dries super fast and is not quite as rough as the yellow. Station road is oh-so-slightly darker than lemon yellow and I adore it. This is the second wear in two weeks, even if it is only on my ring finger. The yellow is the only one in the collection to have a slight hint of glitter, just enough to catch your eye and make you "ooh, what did I just see?" and take a closer look. Although it is grittier and slightly harder to apply than the green. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to purchase the rest - I'm on a nail polish spending embargo until the new OPI liquid Sands come out as I already want most of them and (confession alert) I bought 20 polishes in the last two weeks =/ 

One major downside about these shades is that they are a pain in the neck to apply!! Slightly too thick a coat on half a nail and it just won't dry even. Its like a textured streak. Fortunately for me I'm improving my nail technique every time so this second wear of Barry M textured was so much easier than round one where I stared at one finger for about an hour waiting for it to dry before giving up, removing it, and starting from scratch. 

The green was difficult to photograph, I think only the first one caught its true colour, the bottom two pics look a bit too blue.


  1. STILL not sure how I feel about textured nails, but I absolutely LOVE these two colors together!!

    1. Thanks, I think the colours are perfect :) I totally get that you aren't sure about the textured - it's such a personal thing, and I'm exactly the same about scattered glitters like OPI Sometimes I just don't understand a craze ..

      Although I think if you wanted to try textured nails, trying it in a colour you'll love is definitely the way to go :)

  2. Love this mani. Perfect colors for spring. Love the color combo you selected. :)

    1. Thanks Kelly :) glad you like them! I think the colours Barry M chose for the collection are spot on. Not really feeling much like spring in snowy Aberdeen but a girl can try ..


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