Wednesday, 20 March 2013

OPI You Only Live Twice and 17 Holo

I may have already mentioned this, but I LOVE OPI's Skyfall collection. (FYI I am currently wetting-myself-excited about the recent announcement from OPI that this Spring is going to see the release of a Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection!!!!! AHHH my purse is crying already at the thought. For full details I recommend Swatch and Learn where Mary recently posted the press release - I love her blog!)

Anyway, Bondettes mini set was not enough, so I ordered a full size You Only Live Twice, which was one of my favourites from the collection. I was a bit gutted when I realised (for like the hundreth time) that although I love magentas and hot pinks, they don't love me. I have a pretty decent skin tone in that most colours look alright on me, not amazing and not awful, but dark pinks just DO NOT SUIT. That being said this is still beautiful. So easy to apply, very little mess on my cuticles and fingers, so shiny and a lovely colour. 

I wore this polish a full day itself then I made the mistake of wandering into Boots for a meal deal and left with four new nail polishes - woops! One of these was one of 17's new holo collection which I've been meaning to pick up. This goes perfectly with the pink and even made it settle down and match my skin tone a bit better. The colour of the holo is great and I loved that it was so opaque with just one dot - unlike most silvers I have used in nail art!! 
Also I signed up for Instagram today, hence the altered photo at the bottom. I think the alterations make the colours really pop :) fell free to follow me on Instagram as I will probably use it just for nails to be honest =)

Apologies for the many many posts today - I'm playing catch up from the last week or two.

via Bathelen on Instagram


  1. That colour looks gorgeous on you! And 17 Holo is one of my favourite go-to art polishes :) x

    1. Thanks - it looks a lot better in the photos but on my nails it just doesn't look right! Had the same trouble with my Magnetic Barry M in Burgundy. Haha yeah I know - it was after seeing it on your blog that I decided I needed it! B x

  2. Lovely colour x Following you on GFC from UK bloggers hon.
    Angela x

  3. Nice Blog!!

    You are invited to take part in my International Born Pretty Store Giveaway :)


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