Wednesday, 20 March 2013

China Glaze Frostbite nail art (disaster!)

Ladies and (possibly) Gentlemen! I am proud to announce that last week I had my very first outing into my local Sallys! I've gone from not even knowning such a magical place existed to constantly stalking the place for new goodies. I must admit, after I got over the initial "wow, I'm in beauty heaven" I was not so blown away by the prices, as I'm sure is a normal complaint in my neck of the woods. China Glaze polishes were limited in choice and still cost nearly £7 (around $10.60) and OPI is around £11!! ($16.60) so my purse was not happy. Luckily they had a 3 for 2 offer in China Glaze so I walked away with two staple colours (Liquid Leather and White on White) and two treats (Frostbite and Flirty Femininity). I also treated myself to the mini set of four from OPI's new(ish) Euro Centrale collection which I was so pleased with and it was only £10 and the colours are stunning (I'm sure I'll share them another time)

Anyway, this post is to share my love for Frostbite. I had previously read in many blogs raving reviews from girls saying how this was the best blue ever so I decided to try it and I was so please with it! It is stunning and so bright and eye catching, it is a lovely bright colour and still easy to wear for girls who tend to shy away from bright colours AND those of us who don't =P

It was so easy to apply, and easy to apply neatly at that (I'm a messy painter) and I required a lot less clean up than I usually do - these photos were pre-cleanup! It has a slightly frosted finish, but it's really glossy, even without a top coat. I wore it by itself all day! 

And then I ruined it ... 

I was going out that night and decided that I would wear a top that I thought would match the blue of Frostbite perfectly! Then I decided to add some design to my nails to match the top. Bad idea. 
Disaster number 1: I just wanted something simple so I used Maybelline Forever Strong in gold and some French manicure templates to so some tips and half moons. However, my template stickers were pretty old and when I took them off they left sticky papery lumps on my nails!! So I rashly decided to try and even it out free hand ... big mistake. Gold everywhere.
Disaster number 2: I had been looking at the newish trend of old fashioned roses and floral designs on nails earlier in the day and tried to replicate it on my ring finger. It looked like blobs with black dots. I wish I had taken a photo now but I was devastated and in a hurry by this point so I removed it and re-frostbited my nails.
Disaster number 3: After the roses incident I thought simple stripes would be the answer and thought I would try my unused Models Own gold nail art pen and striping brush. As it was new, it kept flooding the brush halfway through a stripe, so I would either have to go over it to even it out, or try to mop up the excess.

So all in all a bad idea. Worse, I had run out of time so had to leave the house with them as they were! I must admit, I still think they matched the top - but they were so rubbish I tried to hide them all night, which doesn't work when all your friends know you love nail art so stare at your fingers every time you go out.

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