Wednesday, 8 May 2013

VOTE FOR BATHELEN! Glammed Up Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Exciting news!! I'm in the running for this months New Blogger of the Month with Fingerprints! Basically they promote new nail art bloggers and everyone else gets to vote for their favourite. It would be so amazing to win but having seen some of the other entries I'm worried that I'm still a bit too novice. Hopefully though people will want to take a look and like the blog long enough to say hi, so hello to all of you who came here from Fingerprints! 

If you would like to vote for me, or of course, any of the other lovelies who have entered then just follow this link.

So I finally decided to actually begin an OPI collection. OPI is probably my favourite brand but I've only really used their minis and only owned two full size polishes! But after seeing them for £3.99 on Fragrance Direct (get on it ladies!) I decided to get some more :) as part of the spree I ordered Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, I have a Herring Problem, Don't Mess With OPI and Red Lights Ahead .. Where?, along with Sally Hansen Buttercup for £1.99! 

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, from the Holland collection, is one that you would never buy without seeing swatches or it in person but it is hot-damn beautiful! It goes from a rosy-pink to a mid-brown to shimmery gold all under one light! Although I will admit to being a tad disappointed as the gold shimmer was much more visible in the bottle that on the nail. the formula and application was a dream, took three coats but only because when I held up my hand against the light I could see light from behind the nail (does that make sense?)

I decided to bling up the mani as I was attending a charity ball on the Friday and was wearing a dusky pink/nude dress for the occassion. I added a half moon of Orly's Halo to the base of each nail, similar to what I did with Coachella Dweller as I always thought that that was a simple and glam mani.

The bottom two pics I took outside to try and show the shimmer of the GoudaGouda and the sparkly goodness of Halo. Finally I was SO impressed with OPI's staying power, as with me China Glaze will chip in 24-48 hours which is a pain in the fingertips if you ask me, however this mani was applied on Thursday and was still (other than some tip wear) damn near perfect on Tuesday when I removed it, but there was a chip due to some bad application by me on my right hand. Well done OPI! 


  1. Wow, your nails are sooo pretty!:))

    1. Thank you! - I'm loving the toned-down classy look just now :) Bx


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