Friday, 17 May 2013

OPI Liquid Sand - Tiffany Case

Apologies for the total lack of posts, I was planning on beginning to blog more regularly now that I have finished university, put once I put on this polish I didn't want to take it off! this is day four and I still love it! I was also planning on saving this polish for a post of liquid sands and textured polish in general but this is so pretty is deserves it's own post with it's own little rave review :)  Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have  already seen me flashing this polish earlier in the week.

I order Tiffany Case and Honey Ryder from the Bond Girls liquid sand OPI collection along with two Zoya Pixie Dusts from Nail Polish Direct last week - just before the backlash about them stealing other bloggers images began (otherwise I may have avoided them!). As well as offending the blogger community by infringing various Intellectual Property rights (I did an exam on this literally last week) they have now hiked up the prices so instead of the £7.95 I paid for these liquid sands they are now £9.95 and the Zoyas have gone from £10.45 to £11.45 making ebay once again the cheapest option for Zoya fans. Unimpressed. 

Anyway, onto the polish! This is the first liquid sand I have tried but as you may have gathered from previous Zoya and Barry M posts I am already a firm fan of textured polishes! I think it's just such an easy way to have a beautiful and interesting manicure :) 

Tiffany Case is one of six liquid sands released as part of OPI's new Bond Girls collection, which I have been ridiculously excited about and feel I have been very restrained in only buying two polishes! I will probably buy the mini collection at some point though :) I am a HUGE Bond fan and have always looked up to *some* of the Bond girls. I like Tiffany Case cause she's pretty badass and cares more about getting her diamonds than waiting around for James to save her! This is a beautiful light blue with almost a teal sheen to it, it is sparkly and has big reflective glitter discs which makes it dazzle in the sun. As I said I've had this on since Tuesday and still no chips or dents, with only VERY minor tip wear on my two index fingers which is leading me towards removing Dorothy Who from the top of my list of favourite polishes and replacing it with this. Similar colours, similar glitter except one falls off my nails in about a day and the other is textures and lasts all week! I am very much in love with this polish!! 

And now for the pictures! The bottom two I took in the sun while walking home so are a bit blurry but it means you can see all of the sparkly goodness! 

And there we are! Enjoy your weekend lovelies and wish me luck - I am running my first ever 10K on Sunday and am terrified! Bx


  1. This is a beautiful polish!! good luck for tomorrow :) xx

    1. I know I'm so in love with it. Thank you! Surprisingly it went really well :)

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, I'm surprised by how much I like it! Bx


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