Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Glossybox May 2013 (Spoilers Ahead!)

Now I wasn't planning on doing a regular Glossybox post but after this arrived I was just so excited I wanted to share it again :) but if you guys don't want to read about this then just comment below and I'll keep my box under wraps in future! 

Now I was impressed by the prompt delivery for one - I got an email on Friday saying it was dispatched and it arrived safe on Monday morning - what more can a girl ask for! 

It's Glossybox's second birthday so there was a bit of a 2 theme in the wrapping - I thought it was gorgeous! 

and here are all my goodies - four full sized samples, a small sample and a random free git! 

First up is the primer sample by Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - okay it's a pretty small sample but seeing as it's only about a third of the size of my fullsize Maybelline gel primer I can't complain much. Apparantly this can be used as primer or mixed with foundation to give an 'airbrush effect' or mixed with eyeshadow/bronzer for a 'creme effect' and so on. I will experiment and update!
Full size cost (20g): £20
Sample size: 2.5g

Nail polish! I may not have heard of the brand but that doesn't mean I'm not excited about receiving another full size nail polish in my GB. This is a gorgeous tealy blue colour by a brand called Headline Colours which I'm sure I will swatch and review soon :) 
Full size cost (10ml): £9
Sample Received: Full Size

Next up an eyeliner. I'm rather chuffed with this as I almost bought it in Boots two weeks ago but they were sold out! It's a super easy to use liquid eyeliner which stays on longer than the usual kohl pencils and has a nice long nib for smooth sweeps.
Full size cost (6ml): £2.99
Sample Received: Full Size

Now this I am intrigued about having never used Shine Spray before. This Awapuhi Wild ginger spray claims to hydrate, protect and nourish hair as well as making it glossy all day. Again I will have to experiment with this but if it works it will be some sort of God send spray!
Full size cost (125ml): £18.95
Sample Received: Full Size!

Finally, a mascara. I would never say no to a mascara - I love it! This is a waterproof, long wearing mascara called Fairy Lashes by Jelly Pong Pong and it is super light to wear - no feeling like you have false lashes on after too many sweeps on the ol' lashes (happens to me all the time!)
Full Size cost: £15
Sample Received: Full Size

and finally a wee pressie. This is a super handy idea, I actually keep and old FCUK set of these inside my purse at all times for those nail emergencies. What it is, is like a matchbook you would get in a hotel but instead of matches it has mini emery boards! Great idea, every girl should have one on them ;) 

Yes, I'm aware it's upside down .. it's not like that on my phone, honest! 

so that is May's Glossybox : £10 for the box for four full size samples worth a massive £45.94, plus a sample and a emery board set. I think it's fair to say I'm happy as nail polish and eye makeup is my downfall :) 

As ever, if anyone is suddenly inspired to order a Glossybox, do so here via my refer a friend link ( thanks to those who have used it already!): http://www.glossybox.co.uk/referal?CI=MTE2NTg0 
thanks for reading - B x


  1. Ooh you got a good box too, love to know what the fairy lashes is like, it has me intrigued xx


    1. I'll let you know once I've had a proper go :) It doesn't clump, that's all I know so far!
      Glad you got a good box too! Bxx

  2. I got a similar box to you but different nail colour and I got something different to the eyeliner :)

    1. What colour did you get? I'm so happy with mine, as long as you're as happy with yours then all is well :) heehee Bx


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