Monday, 27 May 2013

OPI Matte Top Coat Review and Orly Dotticure

Now it's been a while since I did some good old fashioned nail art, and I admit that I've missed it! Before I started my blog all I did was nail art, but since beginning blogging I've discovered so many brands of nail polish that I've grown more fond of swatching stunning new polishes like Tiffany Case that I've noticed myself moving away from exciting and complex designs, which is a shame as my technique is a hundred times better than it was when I did nail art before, and I'm using better quality products! 

Anyway, I have been looking for a long time at a stunning dotticure (is that right?) that I saw once on Nuthin But A Nail Thing (link HERE and I hope she doesn't mind me using her as inspiration!) and have wanted to try something similar, I have also had Orly Pixy Stix lying around unused for a few months and OPI Matte Top Coat for a few weeks so I thought I would combine them all - here's the result

Orly Pixy Stix is a bubblegum pink that applies quite nicely. A little streaky the first coat it evens out easily and has the lovely shine to it that I've come to expect from Orly cremes. It is easy to build up if you do make a mistake in the second coat, you can add a third or a fourth thick coat and it's still even and glossy. I'm glad to say that I'm a fan of Pixy Stix and I hardly ever wear pink polish! 

I started just with big black dots underlined with smaller ones, I thought if I did it a little bit at a time it would stop me from going overboard and ruining it! 

I then added smaller white dots inside the black ones and a line of small white and black dots underneath. I was SO please with how it turned out! 

I then added OPI Matte Top Coat. This is my first matte top coat and I've been so excited to try it but had no idea what to expect!! It dried matte super fast - you could literally see it change before your eyes, and it dried to feel a little like a chalkboard. Wear time for the matte coat was fabulous, I did these nails last Wednesday, it is now Monday and I'm still wearing them! Only minor chips and some tip wear but I'm impressed that it lasted this long. One issue from the top coat was that after a few days I began to see dark fractures in my polish, like it was cracking or slowly shrinking (I've put some pics at the end of the post) and I was wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing. Although nobody else noticed it so it must just be my fussy blogger eyes! 

Right Hand
More pictures below :) 

Left Hand

Weird cracking after three days


  1. These look fab xx

  2. I've got a BK Matte Topcoat from Born Pretty Store, and mine does the cracking thing after a while too. I thought it might have just been cos it was a cheap one, but if it happened to your OPI then I guess not. : ) I've heard a lot of people say to re-apply the matte top coat every 1 or 2 days to keep it matte, so maybe that would stave off the cracks too........... I hope so, matte is so cool!
    Love the blog, everythings just sooo purty!

    1. I will have to try reapplying next time to try and stop the cracking and see if that works. Glad it's not just me being silly!
      Aww thank you, so glad you like it Bx

  3. I've been using Orly Matte Topcoat, and have been having the same cracking/shrinking problem. This time, it happened after less than 2 days. I'm thinking it might have to do with the hot water in the shower...


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