Monday, 7 October 2013

No7 Party Nails are just DARLING!

Just a quick post today - I just wanted to show off these gorgeous sparkly nails! 

I have never used a No7 nail polish before and got this one purely because if I spent a certain amount I'd get a free goodie bag in Boots - can't say no to that!

This particular polish is the cutely named Daisy Darling - a clear-ish base FULL of tiny pink glitter and bit pink sequins. I wouldn't usually like this baby pink sort of colour but teamed with the black I loved it. This black is Sinful Colours Secret Admirer which is no ordinary black, this is more of a graphite and is absolutely stunning as it is chock a block with silver shimmer making look better than a clear starry night. I think it's the perfect base for a polish like this - hope you agree! 
For this I used one coat of Secret Admirer as it's quite well pigmented and only one coat of Daisy Darling so I didn't overdo the sequins! 

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