Saturday, 26 October 2013

Models Own Velvet Goth

Hi all - 
So recently I read about Model's Own's new collection Velvet Goth and I went straight to Boots to buy a few of the collection. Now I'm a bit of a closet goth - I love black clothes, black eye makeup, any rock music and my hair red but I can't bring myself to fully delve into a world of monochrome. When I was younger I was a proper emo kid with dark clothes and dyed black hair but nowadays I'm a velvet goth at heart! 

The first of the collection I bought is Absinthe. Now I LOVE Absinthe. I mean it's pretty disgusting but so much fun! I'm the same way for tequila, gotta love feeling like you're breathing fire(!)
Anyway - away from irresponsible drinking this polish - as well as the rest of the polishes in this collection - has a matte finish and is packed full of glitter! It's a brilliant emerald green with black through it and although I usually love a matte finish I found this polish was just so much more special with a top coat over it (see the bottom photo in the sun for full glittery glory, it really comes to life under the sun!) 

It applied to opaque in two coats, three tops, but I found it a tad lumpy to spread over the nail. It was also a nightmare to remove! But I reckon it's worth it for a few days of blinding glitter - fair to say I will be collection more of the Velvet Goth polishes! 


  1. Picked one of these up the other day (the purple one) - looking forward to trying it. I love the velvety bottle tops too!

    1. Hey Amanda - I love the tops as well! But I'm so sure mine are going to attract dirt =/ Bx


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