Friday, 4 October 2013

Bringing a British Twist to Mariah Carey

I feel like this is becoming a habit but once again apologies for the continued quietness on the Bathelen Front! It's all very exciting at home just now as my partner and I have been searching for our first house!! No luck yet but it's keeping us busy! 

On to the nails. Today I have for you two of OPI's Mariah Carey polishes which I think were out last Autumn but I could be wrong. I snagged these too recently from a lovely lass on a Facebook page I'm in which allows us nail junkies to buy, sell and swap our polishes. these polishes came out just as I was seriously getting into nail polish brands and were OPI's first delve into the magical world of textured polish - which it's no secret I'm a huuuge fan of! 

First up is The Impossible. This is a gorgeous almost-red which is pink enough to be warming instead of harsh which some reds can be (especially on me - hate that because I love reds!). The glitter is subtle and as you can see on the bottle (but not on my nail!) it has a few stars scattered through as well. I LOVE the idea of the stars but I just couldn't get them on the nail! Hopefully after a few more uses the stars will be more evenly distributed, but this is my only nark about this polish. It's everything an OPI Liquid Sand should be - an easy three coats, applies evenly without trying and once dried will last a good few days abuse without even thinking about chipping! I always turn to a liquid sand if I need a polish to last! 

Next is the stunning Get your number. I am a massive fan of Tiffany Case from the OPI Bond Girls collection from earlier this year but I wasn't a fan of the major finger staining - also I didn't want another dupe, so I am pleased to report that not only does this one NOT stain but that it is a much deeper blue which is scattered with pink/purple glitters which really make it something special. Again this was a perfect example of OPI goodness easy to apply and loong lasting! 

So it was while getting ready for a trip to London that I realised that the two colours next to each other were very complimentary and reminded me of the Union Jack - so I went all London Tourist and stuck a British Flag on my nails =) 
To do this I had a base of Get Your Number, put four small squares of tape on each corner leaving the cross, which I used OPI Solitaire to do a big white cross. I then used a small striping brush to do the red on the top. I was so please with the result, especially seeing as I hadn't done a nail art with textured polish before - it really is versatile! 

Hope you like it =) show your love or hate for this polish by commenting below - I love getting comments and I always reply .. eventually =P

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