Wednesday, 14 May 2014

OPI Muppets Most Wanted

Hi all! 

So if you're anything like me you couldn't wait to see the new Muppet film and though it was the best thing you've seen all year! If not, at least we all have OPI's new soft shades collection based on the film to get excited about! 

This is the second time OPI have worked with the Muppets and I just think it is genius. The last collection was about celebrating the vibrancy and colours of the Muppets but this one is a little more muted and not so obviously Muppet based, other than OPI's usual plot based names. Although I think it's a great idea nothing majorly stood out for me in this collection, there were one or two I thought were interesting, and there are some glitters which are pretty, but the one I chose to start with is Chillin Like A Villian (fab name).

This polish is hard to categorise. It's not a nude, I'd say it's more peach, it definitely has more orange to it than pink. Once it is on it's lovely and easy to wear, and because of the pale finish it can still be eye catching without being too a bold statement, however I had a big problem with application! The formula is so thin that this took 4 or 5 thick coats to get the coverage and colour density I wanted and to hide the nail line, which was super frustrating! It wasn't streaky though and was easy to get the smooth creme finish. 
I don't think the below pictures do this polish justice, I think it looked at it's best from a distance, like if I held my arm outstretched in front of me. 
After a few days I decided to jazz it up a bit so sponged on some Nails Inc Amber nail jewellery (Justice Walk)
Let me know what you think - I think you'll either love it or be totally unmoved.


  1. It looks lovely, especially with the glitter over the top, they go great together xx

    1. Thanks :) I think a bit of glitter is the easiest way to re-vamp an old mani! Bxx


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