Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mentality and a little bit of Eurovision!

Hi all, I have a Mentality holo for you today.

This is my first Mentality polish, and only my second or third holo, and I can't decide how much I like this polish. Although before I start I'll be honest - I live in Scotland, the lack of sun doesn't make the best situation for trying holo polishes. 

Seduce is a love mid blue - reminded me a bit of blue jeans! It's packed full of silver and red glitters and holo particles which makes it a bit more interesting, but without the sunlight it didn't really stand out. It was really frustrating because when I was indoors you could still see the colours and it was so full of potential but I just never got the chance to see it really shine (literally!). The pictures below do show all the different colours but I just could not get the holo glow! 

the other problem I had with this is that despite a Seche Vite top coat this just didn't dry!! Beady eyed readers may notice the not-so-well-hidden chip on my index finger which happened two hours after I applied the top coat, so I wasn't best please. Also I would then have take pictures of my other hand if the middle finger didn't also have a massive chip! 
The pictures below were three coats, application was a doddle and not too much scrubbing required to remove. 
So there you are - it's a pretty polish, I just never got to release it's full potential, and without the holo it doesn't stand out from other polishes in my collection. 

Moving on to the nail art - To all my European readers it was Eurovision weekend! To all my American readers - off to Google with you. I was having a few girls over to watch the show so I threw on some last minute nail art - free handed a Union Jack for TeamUK and used a BarryM nail art pen for the writing. did any of you do any Eurovision nail art? I'd love to see it! 



  1. That's a gorgeous nail polish and you really captured the colours within it in your pictures. I love your Eurovision nail art too that's fab :) !

    Your nails are now up on my blog by the way (finally got round to it :p) you can see it here -

    1. Thank you :) the colours within it are lovely.

      Aww that's such a lovely idea! And what a sweet post :) Bx


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