Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Glossybox June 2013 - Summer is here!

Good morning! First things first I have actually got over 200 followers! Welcome to you all and I hope you won't be disappointed by my blog :) since joining with the British Nail Bloggers Giveaway (found HERE) I have gone from 47 Bloglovin followers to 234! I can't believe the support this giveaway has been generating and good luck to all of you who have entered!! 

Also you can vote for me for New Blogger of the Month at fingerprints HERE :) I'm never going to win but it's nice to see that some people have voted for me already - thank you! 

So although summer seems to be slipping through our fingers once again up here on the North East coast of Scotland, I have here my June 2013 Summer Looks Glossybox! Although I'm not quite as excited about the contents of this one as I have been it is still a good quality box of goodies and certainly fits in with the summer looks theme, by containing products to enhance your natural beauty instead of make up products. Makes sense, and it contains things I have never tried, but I will always crave more makeup! Onto the reviews ... 

First up we have a wee bottle of Nuxe 'Huile Prodigieuse' or as I prefer to call it, multi tasking body oil. The directions says you can use it on your face to nourish and hydrate, your body to illuminate and on hair for some deep conditioning. So far I have only tried in on my arms (the idea of putting oil on my face just doesn't appeal and I have too much hair for such a little bottle!) and it made my skin glow, emphasising my natural tan (yes- a natural tan in Scotland! I AM lucky ...) and adding subtle glitter. It's nice, a perfect little luxury from a Glossybox but not worth the price tag otherwise. I'll stick to my Body Shop oils.
Full Size Cost (100ml) - £34
Sample Received - 10ml

Next is an upside down photo of my Figs and Rouge 'multi purpose' lip balm in Cherry Blossom. The booklet says that they use it on cuticles, dry skin patches etc but that sounds weird ... I'll stick to using it as lip balm, possibly try it on cuticles if I get desperate! On my lips this add a bit of pink sheen to them but is slightly too tacky to my liking, I hate worrying about getting my hair stuck to my lips!! Shame, it's a lovely product! I will persevere a bit longer to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Full Size Cost (12.5ml) - £5.00
Sample Received - Full Size

Next was either a Helen E eye pencil or eye shimmer. As a lover of eye liner and not so much of eye shadow I was a bit gutted to have got the shimmer instead of the liner. Especially seeing as when I do wear eye shadow it tends to lean towards the darker end of the colour spectrum to align with my emo tendencies a sparkly silver/white powder is SO not up my street. I will try it for a party sometime ... maybe, but don't hold your breath. Shame, I was excited about getting Helen E products as I'd love to have my regular makeup have my name on it! 
Full Size Cost (1.5g) - £5.00
Sample Received - Full Size

Next up was another make up disappointment. I love nail polish, as you can probably tell from the nail polish blog but I like bright colours, glitters, special effects and textures, nail art etc so my mind was most certainly not blown by the unexciting Innocent by MeMeMe. It's a boring neutral/white and is the second boring polish I've received in a Glossybox, as I got Essie Sugar Daddy in my first box. Sugar Daddy was at least a nice pink and filled a gap in my collection as a perfect French Manicure pink, which I used recently in my Nails Inc Mani. This is neither a white or a pink, and I already have a white and a pearl so I remain unexcited by this awkward polish. Sorry.
Full size cost - £5.00
Sample Received - Full Size

Finally, something useful. This is Monu Skincare hydrating moisturiser which claims to prevent early signs of aging, contains SPF to protect from daily sun exposure also claims to blur imperfections and correct skin tone. I have used it daily since I got it and since it's only been a few days am not expecting miracles, but it is a nice light moisturiser if like me you have awkward skin and if it's half as good as it claims to be it'll be a winner.
Full Size Cost (50ml) - £29.95
Sample Received - 10ml

All in all a pretty unexciting Glossybox this month, however I can't complain as for only a tenner a month I can't expect perfection each time! The products are still good quality just don't quite match to my personal taste. 

If this raving review(!) has made you want to try Glossybox you can use my referral by following this LINK


  1. How is the Figs and Rouge product?

    1. It's nice apart from the fact that it stays sticky on my lips and that is like my number one pet beauty hate! Shame though Bx

  2. I love my lip balm! I got frizz ease in my box which i do not need haha :( great post!

    1. Thanks :) haha yeah there is always something I'll never use in my GB but usually it is more than worth it :) Bx


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