Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Very First Glossybox - April 2013

Look at what was sitting waiting for me at my front door when I got home!! My very first Glossybox! (be prepared for many pictures!)

For those of you who don't know, Glossybox is a monthly beauty box which comes filled with lovely samples of beauty products. For £10 + P&P you receive a box full of mystery goodies to try out.  I think what made me decide to order this Glossybox was that I saw a picture of this months box on their Facebook page with the specially designed floral box (designed by designer and singer Pearl Lowe) and fell in love. Although I admit I did cheat before ordering, as I've been humming and hawing over beauty boxes for months! The cheating came when I had a nosy on several blogs to try and decide whether or not the box was worth it by the contents. most of the reviews were encouraging so I placed my order. As I've subscribed for 3 months the next two boxes will be a total surprise (no peeking next time!) And I was lucky enough to receive exactly what I would have chosen as my perfect box!! 

Look at all its pretty-ness!

The box itself is stunning. It's pretty solid, not just some cheap flimsy thing, which makes me feel like I've got even better value for money as I will definitely be able to use this to store my ever-growing polish stash! And as you can see - it's pretty stunning. 

Leaflet containing interview with the designer and details on the products inside

The packaging was also lovely, I so enjoyed opening it, I was like a kid at Christmas! 

I will admit to a small amount of squealing once I saw what I had inside! And now a quick look at the products themselves:

First I received an Essie nail polish in the baby pink shade Sugar Daddy. I'm yet to really try Essie so I was quite excited by this, also many of the girls whose posts I read didn't receive any polish, so as a total nailphile I was chuffed that I got one! And I don't really own many normal colours like pinks so I don't have a single dupe.
Price for full size (13.5ml): £7.99
Sample received: Full size

Next is Nip and Fab body butter. I have heard good things about this brand on blogs before but never tried it, but I am always on the hunt for a new moisturiser and this smells beautiful! 
Price for full size (200ml): £9.95
Sample received: 50ml  

Next up is Sleep Makeup's blusher in Flamingo (fabulous name!) which again I was quite excited by as I have only just started experimenting with blusher and am beginning to be confident enough with it to want to try a shade like this (so far I only use brown toned blush). Although the blush isn't a crazy pink on my skin as it appears in the tub, as you can see on my hand below. It's a lovely sleek little black box with a mirror inside and I love it already! 
Price for full size (8g): £4.49
Sample received: Full size

It took me a while to figure out what this was as the instructions are all in another language (French? Italian? no idea) but the leaflet enclosed in the box informs me that this is A-Derma's Intense Repair Lip Balm. I've been wearing it for about an hour and it feels totally absorbed, no tackiness or movement, and my lips feel lovely and smooth. Think that this will be a winner as well! 
Price for full size (15ml): £7.95
Sample received: Full size

And lastly a perfume. a girl can never have too many perfumes! This is Yves Rocher France (never heard of them... suppose that's the point of the box though!) and the perfume is called So Elixir Purple. This is actually a really nice scent, again I've had it on my wrists for about an hour (and just a tiny bit at that!) and I can still smell it, it is a light fragrance that isn't too overpowering but at the same time isn't a flowery day time perfume. This is right up my street. The bottle size is generous, seeing as it actually is a bottle, and I can see that living in my handbag for the next few months.
Price for full size (50ml): £44 (30ml): £29
Sample recieved: 5ml

So all in all I am now a solid fan of Glossybox and I hope that my next two boxes live up to what are now rather high expectations! But for a tenner a month you can't go far wrong with this - I got three full sized samples, two very generous samples and a new box to house my nail polish in - bargain! 

I hope you enjoyed this post (seeing as there will at least two more to come :P)- I'd be interested to know if you ordered one and what you got inside it, or if you receive a different Beauty Box such as Birchbox.
If you have never tried Glossybox you can order them by clicking HERE
If I recommend friends I earn points which in turn can be redeemed against a future Glossybox! 
As ever please comment away, I'd love to hear from you :) 


  1. ooo, I need that Essie polish and the Sleek blusher in my life!

    Emily Jane xo

  2. just subscribed, thanks to this review

    1. Will that be the April one or the May one?
      Hope you're as happy with yours as I am with mine :) I'm just worried I'll be let down by my next one after loving this one so much!

    2. And thanks for using the referral link <3

    3. iv got the april one coming first. Its the nail polish, the body butter and the lip balm thats sold it. Iv always wanted essie but i tend not to spend over £5 on nail polish

    4. I hope you get them then :) you'll have to let me know what you get! And I'm the same, I'll only spend over £5 if I've wanted it for a while/occassional treat x

  3. Having recently fallen in love with Essie polishes I was excited to find this gem last week!

    I know they've not got a large range of colours for sale but that's because people have purchased them all already haha!
    For £1.99 a polish and £1.99 postage I almost bought every polish they had on sale!! x

    1. Haha I just did exactly the same on Fragrance Direct but with OPI's Holland Collection!! Great mind ;) x

  4. sugar daddy is such a bonus in a glossybox!

    1. I thought so too! Although let's be honest, any full sized nail polish in a nice colour showing up in a Glossybox is going to be a bonus for me ;)

  5. How exciting!!:) I love that kind of surprises;;) ps. You have a lovely blog!!:))

    1. May box due in a few days - I literally cannot handle how excited I am! And thank you! Means a lot that people enjoy reading my posts :) B xx


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