Friday, 13 March 2015


Well I’ll start by being honest, when I say there was a Harry Potter collection by Above the Curve that was as shiny as this I almost cried with excitement and proceeded to buy my favourites for me and for several of my friends for Christmas and birthday presents! I found it all very, VERY exciting.
Today I have Gryffindor to show you. Probably my favourite of the collection, this is a classic Gryffindor-inspired maroon with gold flecks, nicely matching the house colours and a very warm polish to wear. It was very easy to apply, not too thick and it flowed nicely onto the nail. It is long lasting too! I wore this for around a week because I liked it so much and there was nothing more than some wear and tear, not a chip in sight! I then topped it up with the glitters from my NYK1 post here. So I was already very happy with this polish.

But wait, it gets better!

The magic (intended) happens when light hits it. Look at all that holo goodness! It is so sparkly with every imaginable colour, I could have photographed it for days and no two pictures would have been the same. It is so eye catching, and doesn’t even need much sunlight to glow like this. For all that glitter it is still quite smooth, no bumps on the nail.

I reckon even JK herself would appreciate this gem of a polish. Above the Curve – you have done justice to my favourite franchise so THANK YOU!


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