Friday, 10 October 2014


Today I have a review of something a little different – nail strips!

I was approached recently by OMG Nail Strips and asked to review some of their nail decals. Firstly, I was just happy to be asked! Secondly, once I had a look at their website I decided there were definitely some designs there that would appeal me. So I agreed.

I’ll be honest; I have never ever used nail strips before. I love painting my nails and creating designs and have never been drawn into the world of decals. However some of these designs are so fabulous I would never be able to replicate them, and who am I to shy away from trying new things!

From OMG Nail Strips you receive 14 strips (2 sets of 7 different sizes) for $7.99 and currently you can receive 5 for $25 with coupon code "5pack" or 10 for $45 with the coupon code "10pack".

How to do:
To begin with, the pack suggests you soak your nails in warm water then moisturise. I didn’t do this, I just applied them right on top of my nail envy I already had on. I guess this only really makes a difference to wear time, as they claim they last for up to 10 days, so they probably won’t last that long for me!

I found that the variety of size was surprisingly good – I’ve always thought my nails were the wrong shape for nail strips but I was wrong! Four I could fit perfectly to my nails, for my middle finger I did to trim slightly with nail scissors as the sizes remaining were all too wide or too narrow. Awkward middle finger being awkward! As long as the edges fit right down the sides of the nail it should be fine.

Once you’ve ensured that the strips are the right width for your nail you feel off the clear top layer, then carefully remove the backing. This can be quite fiddly, and be careful not to roll the sticker back on itself (which I did. A lot.) as they are really sticky! Place the top of the strip right down against the cuticles and smooth out.

You should be left with a lot of excess at the tip. To get rid of this you simply take a nail file, hold it so the blade is horizontal, flat against the nail, and gently file at the strip until it comes away. You can also use this technique around the sides of the nail if you’ve overlapped onto your finger. (which I did. A lot. You can see a trend here can’t you!)

Once finished, the instructions recommend that you swipe lightly with a little bit of nail polish remover as this helps melt the strip onto the nail. I forgot, and I just finished with a few coats of Sally Hansen fast drying top coat.

I was quite surprised by how much I like having these on my nails! They took around 40 mins to apply, which isn’t much more than me painting my nails – less than if I try nail art! – so I can definitely see the appeal in using nail strips. Although they were rather fiddly they weren’t too difficult to use, not more so than a dotting tool or a striper brush! I think that although I’m a polish girl at heart it will never hurt to have a few of OMG’s fab designs in my stash – I’m very much looking forward to trying out my Christmas themed strips *spoiler!

OMG Nail strips are available at or you can check out other pics and reviews on their facebook page

DISCLAIMER: I was provided these items free of charge to review on my blog.


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  1. They look fab! Great review, I would definitely love to try some of these out! xx


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