Thursday, 25 September 2014

Moyra - Gravity

Warning: the following post contains a LOT of pictures of a very shiny polish. Little description will be needed. 

Just a little picture-heavy warning for you, but how else to review such a pretty holo polish!! I don't often wear holo polishes as I find when not in direct sunlight they can be, well, boring! This was not the case with Gravity! 

I should go back to the beginning. Moyra UK is a Eurpoean brand who sell lovely polishes for incredibly reasonable prices! They are just starting up, so why not head over to their facebook page and give them a like
 In May, they very kindly got in touch with the British Nail Bloggers offering us a special discount (with no obligation to review, I should point out). As I've not been too hot on my blogging lately I have only got around to showing you this now. 

Gravity is a dusty pink holo polish which has the look of a shimmering glitter in the shade and full blown holo in even a small amount of sunlight - which is all we get in Scotland! When the holo kicks in it picks up every colour on the spectrum and throws all kinds of crazy shapes! Check out the pictures below if you don't believe me ;) 

Moyra polishes cost around £3.50 and can be found on their Facebook page or at



  1. Ooo wow that truly is beautiful!!! I would have taken just as many pictures, it deserves all the attention :D xx

    1. Hi Emily! Haha yes it definitely deserves the attention! xx


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