Wednesday, 24 July 2013

piCture pOlish - Orbit swatches

As I mentioned in my last post, my nails were still a bit nubbined and nasty when I got back from my travels - but I was still determined to try out a brand which was I had long been a fan of but had never tried. Introducing the blogger's favourite piCture pOlish!

Now other than a really irritating name to type the hereafter to be referred to as PP have a fantastic reputation among bloggers for being stunning, unique, expensive and difficult to get hold of. The only way I know how to buy them in the UK is through the lovely Sally Magpies website but at £10-£15 a pop they aren't a polish that could become a daily staple, which is a shame, as it meant that when choosing my first colour I had to trawl through hundreds of swatches to choose the colours I liked the most. And so I chose Orbit - the perfect travel companion! Obviously being a sci-fi/space geek and love travelling I thought that the name and tagline were particularly appealing to me! 

All I can say is that finish wise this polish DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Just look at it in all of its purple glory!!

It's a purple crelly ish polish with white glitters which make it look properly space-y and also make it blue in certain lights. It glimmers in even the dimmest light and as a special occasion polish is totally worth the price tag based entirely on finish. I did, however, have problems.

Okay. A bit of background first. I had been awake and travelling for 30hours when I arrived 8am in the morning in London, where I was met by my lovely other half who took me sightseeing all day. So by the time I got to my hotel at 8pm I had been up a day and a half too long, and I hadn't painted my nails in three weeks. So I wisely decided that that was the exact moment that I should try out my expensive new polish. Clever me. So before I moan I will hold up my hands and say it may be blogger error and I will be retrying this polish on better nails on a better day!!

Application, I found was difficult. The brush was slightly too short for my talon-less fingers to get a good grip on  (here we can also blame to total knackeredness of the user!) and I also found the polish really thick, and not smooth or easy to apply. It looked okay when I was done however, and I was happy enough with the result, I just felt like I had to use waaaay too much polish to achieve the result. In essence, I felt like a total rookie again. to make matters worse the next day it chipped on three different fingers!! So maybe I applied it too thick, but not even lasting 12 hours? Disappointing! 
*Yes, it had already chipped when I took the photos. Just don't look too close at my pinkie m'kay?*

All I can say is that I hope that the external effects, including the crazy London heat, affected me and the polish and that when I try it again it'll behave - because I love it so much! It's genuinely so beautiful in photos and in person and I'm gutted to have a bad word to say about it! Anyone else have any problems with PP, or a polish that they had lemmed for so long?


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